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The tools we draw on:
Portfolio Management
  • Maximize value
  • The right balance
  • Strategically aligned
  • The right number
    Six Sigma
  • Data driven decisions
  • Rigor
    Project Management
  • Timely delivery
  • Awareness of Cost
    Management of Change
  • Facilitate transition
  • Release innovation
    Tools to help you grow your profits

  •    The Integrated Solution
    We will work with you to assure:
  • Alignment with Strategic Imperatives
  • Capturing the Voice of the Customer
  • Understanding your Assumptions and Constraints
  • Sensitivity to Organizational Issues
  • Measurement of Performance Metrics
  • A Clear Articulation of your VISION
    Once your VISION and the environment are understood, a team of your people will embark on an extensive planning process with our guidance. It will include:
  • Business case and strategic alignment
  • Establishment of priorities
  • Agreement on environment for efforts
  • Development of plans to implement visions using appropriate tools
    The final phase is to "Make It Happen":
  • Execute plans
  • Measure Progress and Control Changes
  • Hands on coaching and mentoring
  • Report progress
  • Implement Continuous Improvement Process if needed
  • "The best projects solve customer problems"
    Jack Welch
    Project success factors:
  • Executive support
  • User (Customer) involvement
  • Experienced project    management
    The Standish Group



    xQ (Execution Study) as published in "The 8th Habit", by Steven Covey


    How AVR Processes Impact the xQ Results