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Integrating the best of Six Sigma, Project Management, Management of Change and other tools to enable:

Accelerating Visions to RealitySM

Dave Dirks, PMP, MBB
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AVR Associates LTD

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Hal Lunka, MSME, PMP
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Our Mission
We exist to help our clients become more efficient and more effective. Our mission is to help our clients make more money using a data driven approach and appropriate tools to improve process performance and achieve predictable results.
Our Vision
There are many tools such as Project Management, Portfolio Management, Six Sigma, and Management of Change which by themselves are significant, but not sufficient. By integrating these tools, simplifying their use, and mobilizing the creative efforts of your people, you will be Accelerating Visions to RealitySM.
Our Belief

We believe that Failure is a ChoiceSM ...

...and we can help you Failure-Proof SM your projects

AVR Associates, LTD has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI).